Why is Expansion toward 7th Street the Best Option for us? 

We have explored several expansion options over the past several years. These have included the purchase of raw land to build a new facility; the purchase of an existing office building downtown, to renovate and move into; and the construction of several different possible facility configurations on our existing land.

In carefully evaluating each and every one of these options, the current expansion toward 7th street emerged with clear benefits for our current and future missional purposes as a Church. We believe that God has paved the way for this expansion to take place during this season.

Is there any possibility of an elevator being included in the expansion?

 An elevator is a desired addition to our facilities, and we have been in talks with our architect about that very possibility. The addition of an elevator would require further modifications to the entry of our facility as well as additional cost. We will continue discussions with the architect and anticipate a proposal that could be an
additional expansion/renovation phase for our church. More to follow on this in the months to come!

Will the expansion serve the needs of the Childcare center as well as the church?

Yes! We consider our childcare center to be an important ministry into our community, and are excited about furthering that ministry by providing additional space to reach more children and families. Our classrooms serve dual-purpose use between both the childcare center and the church. That will continue with the additional space that is added in the expansion.